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Daily Prophetic Word December 30, 2017

The Father says, The heights one may reach in My Kingdom are limitless. Dare to dream the unimaginable for when you do, you will find that it is surely imaginable. What man sees as a deficit will prove to launch you into depths never witnessed before your steps take the journey. Christ is your Hope. Let your heart and mind receive the completed works of the Cross. Allow My Spirit to make all things New in your life.

The Dry bones truly will live again. Release what has gone the wrong way to Me, for I will reverse what was meant for Evil. Favor is your portion. Decide to turn away from the naysayers who only want calamity. Who you allow to fill your mind can cause endless doubts within your vessel. I desire to free you from the bondage others would like to place you in.

Rest In Me! Do not walk in striving to and fro. I will give you purpose and guidance. Challenge yourself to take on My Unspeakable Joy in all circumstances. I will fill you up to the overflow. Let Me pour you out to a world that does not understand that there is another Way, another Truth, and Life instead of Death.

You are My Ambassadors. This is not meant to be a task or chore. I will give you enjoyment in all that I show you. My Compass is set and you are ready to Go Forth. Those that didn’t see you coming are the first to be blessed in this hour. I am not finished with you so get ready with anticipation. You have what the world is looking for. The enemy's lies are being exposed, so take action as you are the Light that will shine as the fog is clearing.

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