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Daily Prophetic Word December 29, 2017

The Father says, Let the New be completed in your life. Do not seek out what is fading away. I am not in the former, but the latter. Expect things to change and not by the illegitimate forces that people believe to be winning. I have a desire to fulfill great and mighty exploits in and through you. Partner fully with Me to unveil all that has been set aside for you.

The naysayers will still be on the street corner shouting gloom and doom. Who do you believe in this hour? I have been with you since the beginning and I will be there through it all. Do I not know what was, is, and will be? You are coming out and walking in freedom like you have not experienced in the past. The promises that have been stored up are being released. Let all bitterness and regret leave you. When your hands are empty, I will fill them with My Unprecedented Favor!

The enemy advanced right into a trap. Find My Peace wrapping you up and taking you through the closing of several doors. An optimism is invading your mind and will. Unspeakable Joy and a lighter load is pushing you past the days of sorrow into Heavenly Bliss.

You are unstoppable. You will not be denied as the storm will break as this too shall pass. Envision that you are walking on the water and it shall be established in your life. Welcome Me for when you do, turnarounds and breakthroughs will manifest all around. If you trust Me, you will see what I am up to on your behalf.

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