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Daily Prophetic Word December 28, 2017

The Father says, The year is ending with a bang and the New Year is coming in with all of Heaven celebrating. Embrace what is coming. More is inline with My Kingdom than is out of it. Can you fathom? Even the enemy knows who he is subject to. Do not worry about your days. I have gifts to unwrap and new places for you to travel to. In the shaking of the world, find My Peace. Within the shaking in and through you, find My peace. When you feel confused about your days, take time to find the peace once more.

Nothing is wasted, and I will show you over the next few months just how I have used even the bad in your life for many benefits, not just one or two. For Moses to get to the Red Sea crossing, he had to fully trust My leading even when strategically it made no logical sense to him. Do you have that kind of radical faith that will stand firm even when others are ready to walk away from you? People will leave, and some will even come back, but to stay in My Constant Flow, you will have to forsake the words of man when they are not in agreement with My Voice.

I Am your Rearguard and I will take care of those that speak against what I have sent you to do. Yes, the water will crash against the boat, but you will not sink and you certainly will not drown. Release the expectations that you have about who you are and who you will become. I Am the Potter’s Wheel. I Am refining you even today in My Fire. Who people label you as or capable of being is not something to ponder. No one sets out thinking they will become a legend. Many just see themselves as this finite being, fragile and insignificant. I see something else entirely.

When you are moving forward, it may seem like you are moving backwards. It is just an illusion in reality. The enemy motions against you, but take heart, this too shall pass. You are My Glory Carriers and My World Changers. 2018 is going to be like nothing else you have seen. For in a day, I can reverse decades of evil. That is surely worth celebrating. When you felt pressure to accept the gloom and doom mentality, I will show you that there is nothing to fear, and I am obliterating mountains of rubble in front of you and for the nations. I hear the cry of My People. I will answer swiftly and justly to all that comes against My Chosen.

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