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Daily Prophetic Word December 21, 2017

The Father says, I am tearing down the structure that my churches have been built upon, for there has been a tainting and mixing of incorrect doctrines infiltrating My Bride. Just as Peter fell astray, I sent Paul to realign. I will send My chosen anointed vessels to realign with My Plumbline. Many will resist the authority I have given these chosen. Recognize who is behind their commission and assignment unto you. For if I Am your Lord, you will see I have sent them indeed.

For when you received My Anointed, you will be blessed and saved from your own undoing. Do not continue to look through eyes covered with deception. The problem with deception is that the one who is deceived rejects the idea that they are deceived. Listen! Listen Carefully, for I will send you helpers. Do not rush quickly to dismiss their words because they do not tickle your ears.

Christ died to set ALL free. Do not be so sleepy that you fall back into the traps of the enemy. I will not permit My True Bride to go back into business as usual. The Bride will look different from this new alignment coming. She will sound strange at first, as Rhema Revelation fills her mouth with Power and Action. With each generation did I reveal more and more mysteries that were hidden for just such a time as this. You will be caught up and changed by this movement.

Glorious will you Shine for the World to see. Chains and years of bondage dissolved in a mere moment. You can choose to drown or ride the waves of My Voice. Awaken to My Truth this very day. You cannot live in Truth and Lies at the same time. You must decide to be My Sheep in all ways and not just a few. A radical way of living will alter every aspect of your life. A vessel cannot be used by My hand while under deceptions. Open your Eyes and Ears for now is your time to be rescued from your own choices.

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