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Daily Prophetic Word December 20, 2017

The Father says, I created everything out of nothing, but My imagination. If I can do all of that, what more can I do with what is in your own life? Today I am bringing a greater understanding and clarity to the concept of Beauty from Ashes. For I Am a God who can take even the most darkest of moments, breathe a divine blessing back into what was dead, and it will become alive yet again. For when My Hand moves over those ashes, you will bloom, out of the dust.And from My favor, you will be propelled so forward into My Divine restoration that you will see My Goodness all around.

What I am doing for you today will even shut up your worst enemy in their tracks. For what I have ordained no one can stop. What need do you have for a Savior if you do not need saving? For out of your need was My Glory poured out over all flesh. What is your need this very day? Come to My Throne with your smallest and grandest desires for repair. Have I not promised to restore what the locusts and cankerworm have destroyed? What others meant for evil, I will surely turnaround for your good.

Keep pressing forward with your eyes focused on the blessing I have created you to be, for all those you touch each day. Do not withhold good when it is in your power to do so. For as the Son does what He sees the Father doing, so too are you called to do the same. For it is such a time as this that are you are most utilized for change all around you.

You have been set upon a Hill as a Beacon and catalyst for change. You are the Light to the evil that moves to devour your territory. Through you will My Kingdom be advanced. Do not take for granted this amazing gift. I choose to use you, and I choose to co-create with you. I am not a far off God, but a God that sticks closer than a brother. Reach up, for I am imparting new tools and gifts to you this hour to bestow a greater Light than has ever been seen before now.

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