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Daily Prophetic Word December 18, 2017

The Father says, Set your barometer to My setting, and wait and watch for the weather pressure to begin to shift and change. A barometer picks up the slightest differences before any other signs are fully evident. You are not left without signs all around you. Fine tune your spiritual senses to My Kingdom, and you will be aware ahead of the curve.

The Sons of Issachar knew the times and seasons. I have called My people to not stand there looking all about confused while becoming so easily swayed one way to the other. If you are always looking for destruction and the end, you will surely interpret everything to fit your beliefs. Have I not called you Higher than the logic of men?

Only I know what will be and when. Don’t waste your effort in the wrong endeavors. I have given you a call and a purpose. Your part in My plans is just as important as another’s. Your destiny is as big and high as you declare over your life. I have set no such boundaries on what you can do for My Namesake. Many start their most notable journeys later in life, not in their youth. I only need a willing vessel to pour in and through.

Character and integrity are vital aspects that My people need to consider in their daily life. I see even what is hidden. It is not big moments that derail your steps, but the little ones that you think you are getting away with, until you end up making the bigger mistakes. You can lose My favor through infractions that you see as nothing of importance. I am speaking to your heart and mind about areas that I desire to overhaul. You are clothed in Righteousness. Do not put on those filthy rags anymore. That is not who you are!

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