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Daily Prophetic Word December 16, 2017

The Father says, When you thought you were counted out, I counted you into every aspect that I had in mind for My Creation. I am passing over you in this hour! You are in a season of ALL things are becoming new. Open your heart full of expectations. My answers are coming to you swiftly over the next few months. What was delayed will be handed over to you with interest. Visitations will be experienced far and wide. Get your things in order, and your bags ready!

What I am doing in this hour is not what you have thought was your portion. My Winds of refreshment are moving over the grains of harvest. See the movement and evidence all around you. You are not denied. You are loved perfectly. What was on your heart today? That concern you had just a little bit ago. I am addressing even that need right now.

You will see My Hand move very suddenly and immediately in this new that I am doing. Do not think with the old man thoughts, for your eyes are about to behold My Glory over all in the land. Revival was spoken years ago through My Vessels. My Word will not return void. America will rise again from the ashes, and bring with her many other nations to My Throne Room.

Do not fight against with what a logical mind will believe I will do. For I will make a way through unusual circumstances. This plot line you will not see coming nor surely predict. For the Eagles are Coming in My Mighty Winds. I am a One world Government in harmony with all of its parts. It is time for My Bride to fully walk in the authority I have given her. The dark will run from the very sight of My people. It is coming. See it on the Horizon! Trust the signs. Watch with expectation!

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