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Daily Prophetic Word December 15, 2017

The Father says, Rain comes without warning and then the sky is clear and blue. My healing rains are coming swiftly to My Lands. I am doing a new thing that is just not for My people. Listen, I desire that none should perish. My Voice speaks to all of My creation, and by My very Voice does all living things continue to exist. If My Voice stopped, everything would become a waste land.

You are not a force that flows on its own without My will enabling the very lungs to continue on automatically each second. My purposes are not just for you, but for all. Do not close your heart and mind to all that I am desiring to bring into the Kingdom, even when it concerns your greatest enemies. For My shaking and trembling over the earth will do what I have called to happen.

I give all a chance to repent. I will deal quickly with those that reject My Son. I will not let your enemies continue to rise up against you without My answer and justice. There is a grinding and friction that is happening between My People and those that are in darkness. You have a choice to rub off your light or absorb their darkness. Be warned of how dire your choices are in this hour.

Do not allow your heart and mind to fall for the deception that you are exposed to. The enemy wants to lull you into a slumber and complacency. What you choose to do will affect your life in far and greater ways than you can imagine. See beyond the noise all around you. People will shout at you calling you names with deep insults. There is no room to stand on the fence any longer. My people have always come to a point, in the road, where they must choose who they will stand for and with. There is no decision that is more important before you in this time.


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