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Dally Prophetic Word December 9, 2017

The Father says, The Diamonds are coming forth, for once you were a diamond in the rough, but now you are shining bright full of promise. You have allowed My Hand to cut away what was causing lack of clarity. Although you have felt doors were not opening on time, I assure you that you are right on schedule. Nothing is missing and nothing is broken.

Your hands are being made full in this hour. What you cannot carry will be carried for you. Resources that were petitioned for are manifesting. It is time for you to get your running shoes on. The hands against you are being redirected away from you. Your time of waiting and rest has been profitable. You are ready to move into the next that I have lined up for you.

There are questions circling around in your mind. I am removing this and replacing the noise with calm quiet stillness. I am not grading you on man’s view of performance from this last season. Take the lessons learned, and leave the regret on the ground. Do not waste time in the Land of the ‘What If’s.’ I Love You so Completely. Let this be your portion!

I have never called you to be perfect. I will not turn you away for an unrealistic expectation. I choose you everyday for My Glory and Honor. I can work around any missteps as long as you keep walking forward. My Hand is extended towards you this day and the tomorrows to come. I knew you before you were ever born. There is nothing in Heaven or Earth that will change how I feel about you.

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