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Daily Prophetic Word December 3, 2017

The Father says, You woke up thinking the day is going to be the same as the last day, last month, and last year. But I say, looks can be deceiving. You are in a New Pattern and way of Life in Me. What you have been waiting for is indeed before you very steps. Trust the process and you will behold the Beauty that I have created for this moment in time.

Do not be a people of doubt, but rather of My Life. I am not finished so get ready for the explosion and suddenlies that are about to break out all over your circumstances. Many are looking for a hard division line between what was and what is to come, but in these moments the transition will be as smooth as silk. You will just simply BE in the different ways of operating in My Kingdom.

What was a struggle is coming under your authority right now. What didn’t make sense is coming into clarity. You are the One I have chosen to go Higher in My Ways. Look for New ways that I will interact with you for I am speaking in a different frequency than before. You have grown up since last you noticed. I have taken the burdens that were weighing you down needlessly.

Watch for Opportunities that were once closed to you be made available once more. Watch My Hand lead you to what is yours for this is Your Time. Spend your energy on worthwhile and prosperous endeavors. Take time to simply enjoy what is all around you. Nothing taken for granted can be truly appreciated. You are right on Target!

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