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Daily Prophetic Word November 29, 2017

The Father says, Ask Me to Help you heal and move forward. I will come to you and erase all that lingers from the past. I came to set the captives free. To go Higher in My Ways, the past must be cut free. I have saved all of your tears in a bottle. I will pour out My Healing Balm into your heart. All those tender wounds that are still too raw to touch, I will restore, and I will bless. Let My Living Waters be your source for All things great and small. You are Loved with My Unending Love! My Love heals everything.

I am bringing healing and understanding to many of the situations from the past. I am restoring many estranged relationships. You have cried out for Me to intervene in many wrongs, and I am giving My perfect answer to your life. Dry your tears. Everything will be ok, you will see. I am fully aware of everything you have faced and the decisions you have made. I know the pain you have suffered over these matters. I desire for you to be healed and whole.

Let Me have those deep wounds. Let Me cover you with My Blood and Mercy. I have saved your tears, no not one has escaped. I will redeem the lost times and years. Do not think it is too late for Your Lord to help with these matters. I will make a way where no man could ever. I am all about relationships. I know where it went wrong and how it can be resolved for the good. I can bring epiphany to even the most stubborn of a person.

I create change in people. Rebuilding the foundations is My specialty. I can make things better than they ever would have been before. Release yourself from trying to resolve it. You are not able to fix this. There has been too many misunderstandings, and only I can soften and fill the heart with love and peace. Never say a relationship is too far destroyed. If I desire to rebuild and restore, indeed I will. Just be a willing vessel. Some, you will need to walk away from for a season. I will call you back into the relationship if I desire a reconnection. I will guide you always.

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