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Daily Prophetic Word November 25, 2017

The Father says, Dig deep and grasp this on the core level of your spirit. The Cross changed EVERYTHING! Mankind is forever changed internally and externally because of the Cross. Even before Adam and Eve fell to sin they did not have Christ living inside of them. You have access to Keys and Realms of Glory that have never been available before the Cross! Let those with Ears Hear and those with Eyes See.

I am not looking at the Cross counting or keeping track of your sins! Release yourself from the guilt and condemnation placed upon you by false sources. All was dealt with already. Come to Me. Decide to reestablish your covenant and relationship with Me. I will work inside of you to free you from the cycles of sin that plague your soul. I will clean you up and place New Garments upon your righteousness. Do not hide from Me.

You are My Royal Sons and Daughters. I have My Hand outstretched to provide you all that I desired for you to partake in, from the beginning of all things. I will deny nothing to those who walk uprightly. Come away with Me as My True Bride, no longer living in a state of lack. The Latter Days will be greater than the former! Decide to Believe and Trust My Redemption and Restoration for all of Mankind. My Word Will Not Return Void!

You are at at time in History unlike what was before. Although in the Natural life appears one way, I am indeed changing the very way of existence for many and moving My people into an era of Great Thriving where no lack can be found. Do not be stuck on the outside of what I am doing in this hour. What I have is for those that are willing to partake. Just be willing!

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