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Daily Prophetic Word November 23, 2017

The Father says, “Never give up! When I speak a promise over your life, I place it in your hands as a sign and a beacon for that blessing to find you. Many will come to steal and rob from you. Hold tight and never let go no matter what the naysayers or circumstances look like. The outcome of My Faithfulness is a guarantee as long as you refuse to let go. It doesn’t matter what the promise is or how long the wait may be. I declared over you this day, as a reminder to what I have said since the very beginning, My Word will not return Void! It is up to you to keep the candle of Faithful Hope burning always with great expectancy.

Abraham tried to make My Promise of a son happen without Me. You will always get yourself into trouble if you think it is by your power or might that My promise will manifest. I paint the blessings on a fresh canvas that only the Master Painter can create. I Am the Alpha and Omega. I know what needs to happen from beginning to end, and in what order the canvas is painted until the day of completion.

The enemy may come to delay, but understand you are only gaining interest on that promise when this happens. A delayed promise will be grander than the original promise. Push aside the feelings of loss because I will turn your mourning to joy over everything you felt you missed out of in your life. I Am the author and finisher of your Faith. I will restore and increase your faith in all areas where you are weak. I cannot lie, so therefore My intentions remain the same for you. Your Belief or Doubt is what controls if you see the promise come to you. Do not let the precious gifts slip through your fingers, like fine grain sand.

Open your eyes and ears to understand that how I choose to establish a blessing in your life may never look the way you envision. I intend to exceed all of what your mind can imagine or conceive. Abraham had no idea his son would come in his old age, and yet he did indeed get more than he ever could have hoped for. His disobedience and his missteps did not deny him! It was His faith in Me that carried him through to the fruition of all My Voice spoke into his life. Arise and Stand for many long-standing hopes and dreams will reach you in this new season. I will bring back your smile with laughing exuberance yet again!”

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