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Daily Prophetic Word November 22, 2017

The Father says, “There is a fresh shaking coming. I Am establishing a new alignment within My People and My church. I have called My people to more, and I have called My people to not be complacent with ‘business as usual’. Just as the Earthquake shook the ground at the Cross, so shall I shake the ground all around the foundations that claim to be of My Name. We shall see who is still standing, protected in My Glory. I turned the tables over in the temple due to evil in My House. People are lovers of their own souls, and care not for the things of the Kingdom.

Do not look to your brother or sister with judgment of their heart. I am the one who hears heart. I will exalt My True Servants, and I will humble who I choose. They answer to Me for what they do in My Name. If I Bless them in this area or that area, this is My Will for their life. Do not speak curses and gossip about My Servant lest you curse your own soul. Yes, I do indeed bless My servants with wealth among other things. Poverty is not the will of My Kingdom!

I will usher in a New Order and Structure to My Church. My Pumbline is in the midst of My Body to guide with My Hand flowing through My Vessels. I will separate the sheep from the goats. My Bride will be Righteous and Glorified before My Throne. You have cried out for Me to answer all of the injustice in the world. Understand My Answer must start with having a pure Bride as a demonstrator for My Name. A people who are double-minded, living in lies and truth, will be ineffective to push back the darkness and to fulfill the call I have placed over them.

This is a time for My Bride to reflect upon her daily activities and decide whom she will serve. I am always with you. I will speak to your heart and place you on the Potter’s wheel. Many will reject you for not being of this world. You were never called to be of this world. You were called to transform and have dominion over this world! Come! I am preparing a great feast in your honor, My Blessed Sons and Daughters. Rejoice, as your cries for change are being answered this very day.”

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