• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word November 19, 2017

The Father says, Ask Me for the Keys! You asked Me for the Key to your salvation, and you received assurance to be with Me forever. Many received another Key through Water Baptism. Do you know what Key I gave you? Many have thought this was just a religious ritual. Was it only symbolic to you of My death and resurrection? It was on this day that your DNA began to change to reflect My DNA. The Christ in you is the Hope of Glory. It is through the Cross and Resurrection that all of mankind can be restored back into full Glory.

I do not wish My People to walk in a lack of knowledge. Understand that what I have written in My Word encompasses more than one aspect for your lives. There are great mysteries that I have hidden in My Word. I desire for all to discovery what I have placed there. Have you asked Me to Baptize you with the Holy Spirit? Many believers already have the indwelling of this precious gift, but dumped it on the floor with ignorance.

Understand that I have placed a treasure of gifts inside of you from the womb. It is through the Holy Spirit, that these gifts awaken through My Power and Might. Man toils trying to use his God given talents for his own purposes and own strength. Abandon yourself to Me, and let Me have full access to My Treasure within you.

Did I not say that the evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit was the manifestation of speaking in tongues? Did I tell you not to quench the Holy Spirit? Tongues is the gift for your spirit as it edifies YOU and builds you up from the inside out. Your spirit and My Spirit become one and aligned. What you pray manifests quickly when you are aligned perfectly to My Will and Desires. Forsake your religious mind that would tell you otherwise and contrary to My Word. What you ask, seek, and knock for is what you will behold.