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Daily Prophetic Word November 18, 2017

The Father says, I am coming to you this day to comfort and dry your tears. I know your pain. I saw what happened, and I know you didn’t deserve what you received. My Heart calls out to you this hour. Let My warm breeze encapsulate all that is broken. I Am Restoration and I Am healing.

I will set My justice, and I will turn the tide to benefit you greatly in ways you would never expect. I can use any circumstance for more than what is imagined. I will place calm and peace upon your soul that cannot be explained with words. Let Me place healing salve upon the wounds. Those tender wounds that you have a mighty wall built around.

Yes, hand Me those, old and new. My unstoppable love never ends towards you. Run to Me with what hurts you. Come tell Me about your day. Let Me be a part of all that you go through in life. I will keep you in the safety under My wings. Release all to Me. Feel worldly concerns melt into a puddle on the floor. I will establish amazing joy over your life despite all that goes on around you. I desire for you to be able to overcome any storm and laugh at adversity. I will show you the right perspective to have in everything.

This world will one day fade. Your days are but a mist in comparison to eternity. I have promised that you will love how things turn out for you. Keep your eyes and feet moving forward. I know this is a setback, but I have already created this to launch you into something that will enable Glory to fill your life. Everything will turn out ok. Trust Me as I will not fail you! I will help you forgive, forget, and release. My arms are extended towards you. Grab your freedom from all that would keep you down.


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