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Daily Prophetic Word November 17, 2017

I will set you free! I gave you free will. You have the power to plant and water which seeds you want to grow in your life. Choose wisely and be honest as to what is really in your heart. I will show you when you come to me with a humility. I will not leave you where you are. I desire to continue to mold you into Christ’s likeness. You are precious and loved!

Let Me show you More than you ever could imagine. Let Me establish new understanding in your inner man this very day. I am working with your potential and not your failures. Release that to Me for I can turn even your biggest upsets into a beautiful harvest. I am not seeing a dead end so shift into My Light.

I Am not a divided God! I do not say one thing and do another like a man. Many of you are living in the Old Testament mentality wishing for fire to pour down to destroy. The Covenant of the Old Testament was completed through the Cross. Did you not watch Me Create a New Covenant? Did I not say, Behold I do a New Thing? When I walked on the Earth, did I not speak change to the old ways and speak of fresh new revelation?

Let the Dry and Dead Bones arise in this hour. What you believe is over may not have even started yet? Give Me those lost dreams for I will stir the water and bring a New fabric woven into that Tapestry. The Picture is about to come into clarity you never knew was possible. Get Ready! You are going to need new running shoes.

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