• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word November 15, 2017

The Father says, All darkness instantly flees the second the Light appears. Even a flame has no shadow. You have the ability to be a constant demonstrator and lighthouse every day. Do you not know the power you possess over the enemy? He has to run in terror at the mere crack of light that flows out of your eyes and heart.

Understand that it is Christ in You the Hope and Glory! The Light is a constant energy source already inside and always available. Do not stand helpless looking to and fro. What you have in you is greater than all of the kingdoms of darkness. There is nothing that you cannot or will not overcome just by simply seeing things in the spirit and not with natural eyes.

Did I not say that I would send you a helper? Rely on the Holy Spirit in all that you do. As you continue to press in, you will be able to see more, hear more, and discern more. I will continue to take you up level after level for My Glory. I will never limit a willing heart who wants to experience the endless reaches within Me. My Kingdom is open for all of My Children to soar in.

I have not chosen favorites to partake of My inheritance solely. Come grab all that I have for you. Ask for more spiritual gifts, and I will begin to prepare you to to walk in those gifts. I desire for all of My Sons and Daughters to encounter the blessing of being My Vessels. Do not think you aren’t qualified. I decide to make a person qualified. You cannot do it alone.