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To the Nation of Iraq

To the Nation of Iraq

by MaryEllen Replenished Hope Ministries

The Lord says, I am changing the business as usual within your borders. What was will be no more. I Am bringing out what I planted at the birth of your nation. What I have started will burn My fire until I have completed what I started. I will give you Rest, which your people have never known all of their days. But Peace is at the doorstep and this generation will see with their own eyes and taste the Goodness of the Lord. Your Days of weeping and wailing are ending. I have called you out and the sins of your fathers’ has been paid. What was in motion is being reversed. Your wounds will be healed fully in just one generation. What has stopped your voice has been done away with. Your Days will be as walking on streets of gold. My favor is upon you and My love is poured out from this day until the end of days. What man thought was your future is not for I AM and I AM in control of what was, what is, and is to come. You will fulfill your destiny in My Glory and Honor. Others have denied your people and denied the Rare Gems I have placed inside of their inner man. You will be a Sign from My Hand Alone of Great Change in the Region. People will pilgrimage to your Lands to witness what I Am doing, for Behold the New is Upon You!


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