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To The Nation of Israel

To The Nation of Israel

by MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope Ministries

The Lord says, You hold the Key to what the World has yet to see. What wars against the inside and outside of your borders comes at a cost, but I your Lord will repay 7x what you have Suffered and Lost. You are never left alone to deal with these adversaries. I will smite those that rise against you with My Rod. From My Throne do the Ideas and Inventions pour out that will free countless people. I will open you up even more to see what was hidden since your ancestors. I will not leave you where you are, for in My Hands you will come into My Kingdom in fullness. For once you were separate, but now you will understand what wholeness truly means. What you have forsaken will be your Greatest Joy. I Am taking you into a New Era and New Realm. You are a Jewel in My Crown, and I will polish you into what you were truly created to be for this Generation. Let The Shift take you Further, Deeper, and Wider than you have ever known before. I Am putting an End to the Traditions of Men, for this has blinded you and held back the potential that I Destined you to Become. You must lay down and I will lift you up. Life is about to never look the same Again! The Celebration and Feast has been made ready!


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