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Daily Prophetic Word November 5, 2017

The Father says, I have molded you and made you in My Image. I have created you to partake of My Love and great Blessings. I did not call you into suffering or disease. Many will tell you that this is My will, but I place no value on such things. These are the works of the enemy over your life. Come to Me for I desire to free you of the snare and bondage of lies placed over your life.

I will help you walk in all freedom! I created you to walk and be with Me. You are My Precious and Beloved. Release those scars to Me for I can heal even the oldest of pains and hurts. I will come to your defense, and I will seek justice on your behalf. You will see My Hand move swiftly. Place your trust fully in My promises. Have I not said, in My Word, that I will do a New Thing in your life. I will not walk on without you coming hand and hand with My plan for your life. The only limitation is what you believe I can or will do.

The storm clouds are parting. The seas are calming. See the Sun rise yet again. The New is here. Grab hold and run to what I have for you just on top of that hill. I Am not a tease. I will show you all that I have buried inside of you. I will illuminate all of the gifts I have planted since the day you were born. Great and powerful exploits you will do for My Namesake.

You have not been left behind! The desire you have for diving into the depths of My Spirit are there for the taking. Come to Me Child. I will show you all of the territories that will be yours to influence for the Kingdom. Did you not ask Me for more than an ordinary existence and life? I have already given My answer and it is Yes and Amen! Get ready. For I Am calling you this very day. We have much to discuss in this new season. You have arrived. At times you never thought you would get here, and yet here you are. I Am not finished with you yet. Enjoy this time in your life.

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