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Daily Prophetic Word October 30, 2017

The Father says, Grant yourself mercy! Your future is held up to the measure by which you hold yourself to the past. What you are angst about, have I not cast it as far as the East is from the West? If it is not worthy for Me to even remember, why should you bother to carry it around for one more second? Just as you have repented of your wrong doing’s against another, was not the Cross enough payment for a death sentence all deserved?

No one goes through life without reaping what they sow; for good or evil. The Harvest is about to take place so come before Me and Wash your Sins of Wrong Sowing before Me. Do not look to your brother or sister to see what they are doing. This is between you and Me as this is your harvest to reap rewards or sorrows from. What you may accuse another of, be blameless before Me in your own works and deeds. I am not grading you on good or poor performance. No one gets a reward for their record of sins compared to another.

I am wiping away, right off of the record books, what you have done that is less than My Best. What I wipe away, do not rewrite the crime back upon your life board. I know exactly who you are. You are My Chosen and My Beloved. I am pruning what does not belong and bringing to the surface My Glory hidden beneath. You will walk different, and you will respond in fresh new ways. When you find yourself reverting to old ways, stop to remember that the old man has died and the new in Christ has arisen.

You must choose daily to walk in your freedom. The enemy takes it for granted that you can be beaten through your past. Who do you believe? The One who died for your life has the Authority and Power and not the illegitimate voices crying for your attention. Each day surrendered to My Will is a day that dances in My Goodness. What troubles your heart and mind is leaving. Do not look that way for the Dawn brings the new light! You are indeed Becoming the image of My Son!

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