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Daily Prophetic Word October 25, 2017

The Father says, Dance among the Roses. I Am the Rose of Sharon and the Beautiful fragrance is invading your circumstances today. Taste and See for My Goodness is chasing after you. I take delight in who I have designed you to be, and through you will the schemes of the enemy fall apart. Even if you find yourself in a lion’s den, no harm will come your way.

The world will tell you to fear and when that is enough, fear some more. I have not called you to such a belief system. I Am over your days and your nights. What more do you need proof of? I will not lose track of where you are or where you should be. Listen carefully, for lies are far and wide vying for your attention and trust.

Remember that it is darkest before the dawn. I am not closing up shop with My plans for mankind. You will come into Better and Brighter days. You will find that Joy that Surpasses all Understanding. History has been dark before and the Light broke through and again I will do it again!

You are not a failed project of Mine. You are My Beloved who I would do anything for including giving up My own life for. If you needed it, I would do it again. Stop the endless mindsets of trying to earn what I have already given you. Stop the Critical mind for I give no value to this way of being. Accept My Unconditional Love and Forgiveness! It is time to Rise Up and Take Ownership of the Land before you!

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