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Daily Prophetic Word October 23, 2017

The Father says, Forever is My Will and Good Pleasure to lavish My Love upon you. I created you to have a relationship with Me not as a servant, but as Sons and Daughters. Fix your gaze upon Me for I have what you are seeking. All other streams and fountains will run dry, but I have living water to refresh your soul and spirit.

Find yourself today rebuking the negative thoughts in your mind that tear your soul down to nothing. I desire for you to live in the fullness of favor and blessings not as a dog looking for scraps. You were created for more, and more is where I will take you. Come up here! Do not stay where you are. See in the spirit beyond your circumstances and situations to know that I have a beautiful plan for your life.

What others look to take away from you, I will bring back with great multiplication. Place down what is not working and take a hold of fresh revelation I am giving you in this hour. I will remind you of past moments where you formed a flawed opinion, to expose the truth. Many are stuck in what they perceived, but I will set you free when you are open to the facts as they are.

Acknowledge where you were wrong and learn so you can move into territories I will send you to. When you are unwilling to see that you still have growth in your day, you will remain unusable in My Hands. I am not bothered by your mistakes. It is rebellion and stubbornness when corrected that will cause you to miss your call and destiny. Remain yielded and you will reach My Highest Desire for your life.

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