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Daily Prophetic Word October 21, 2017

The Father says, You are not frozen in time, trapped to relive the past over and over. Release yourself, for I desire My Children to Be Free. Do Not let the enemy ensnare you up again! Put the flowers on the grave of the past for all of that is waste. Do not resurrect the dead in your mind lest it to become a merry-go-round in your life.

I give you a daily gift, called the Present. Live in the Now, for in the Now, I will make all things new for you. I will restore and redeem you every day! I will heal you and renew your footsteps. I Am fully aware you will stumble. Is My Grace not enough to cover you each day? Release your fears, shame, and condemnation to Me this day. Release all of your burdens for yourself, others, and My Kingdom work.

Resolve yourself to give it to Me completely. I will take it all, and guide you to green pastures with still and calm waters flowing in the midst. I gave you a life to enjoy with unspeakable joy. Why would you want to put that down and pick up even the smallest of burdens? Can I not meet all of your needs? I have promised to give you the Keys to My Kingdom. You are not servants. You are My Sons and Daughters. You are My dearest friends. My Voice blesses you this very day.

Forgive Yourself! I am not holding anything against you despite what many would like you to believe. My Love has not changed concerning you. My Will has not become uncertain about your potential in Me. Plan A is still available so what are you waiting for? Your future is bright so forsake the voices that scream otherwise. I Am the Alpha and the Omega!

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