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Daily Prophetic Word October 18, 2017

The Father says, I chose YOU! I chose you at the very foundation of Creation coming into being. I fashioned every detail and uniqueness within you. I did not make one mistake. You are My Masterpiece and Highly prized. I did not redeem the angels. I did redeem you. I restored you to stand at My Right Hand side.

I will never let you go! Don’t you understand yet just how important you are to Me? I will never let anything permanently separate us. I Am involved in everything you do each day. I Am not off somewhere far away. You are always on My Heart and Mind. Let Me dance with you. Let Me share in your sorrows. Give it all to Me for I promised to Bring Joy to you and Heal you!

I Am righting wrongs done against you from even decades ago. What you have given up on, thinking this is just the way it will be, I am turning around. Expect reconciliation from unexpected places. I heard your cries and pleas. I will come through on what you have needed and deserve. Those that invalidated you unjustly will find I Am your Rear Guard.

Take on the Mindset that I will deal with what you hand over to Me. I desire that you rely on Me so release what is not working. I will strengthen you and send you back out to lands of promise. Let your Faith rise up higher than you believed you possessed for I Am the Author and Finisher of your Faith. Nothing is impossible!

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