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Daily Prophetic Word October 17, 2017

The Father says, Seek, Ask, and Knock for all that I have laid up for you in Heaven. Nothing I will hold back from those that walk uprightly. Bring your heart to Me, so that I may mold you into the image of My Son. The enemy will only see the Christ in you and run in terror at the very sight of you. Align your thoughts and words with My Kingdom purpose.

You are overcomers, and you must be ready to charge the hill to overthrow the opposition in your life. I will give you all the tools to fight what lies ahead. You will receive nothing if you hide in the cave. You must be willing to go after the promises. Hold onto them tight, and let no one steal what I have freely given to you. I will restore the ground that you have lost. I will restore the time you have wasted.

Clear out what is distracting your efforts. What you are unable to move with a positive impact, leave behind for Me to finish for you. Let the burdens wash far away. The road ahead is making way to smooth level ground. The fog and confusion is lifting. Let your confidence arise for you have no shame or condemnation. I have cleaned your lips and set you back on the path of righteousness.

I will use you and I will send you out as My blessing to a Lost and Dying world. You were found by Me and now others will see your Light and find Me just the same. I look at your potential not your missteps. I created you so when you doubt if you have enough, stop and let Me show you just how important and special I have designed you to be.

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