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Daily Prophetic Word October 15, 2017

The Father says, Today, Find My Glory raining on you this very day. I Am bringing an answer to your life that you are in great need of and have been petitioning for. I Am bringing you to a point where you realize that nothing is missing and nothing is broken in you. I Am bringing much needed healing in many areas of your life. Bring your desires to My Throne this very day.

I desire many things for you, but what do you desire? Did you lose hope in the valley or decide you no longer required My guidance on the mountain top? My Voice speaks to every situation; every joy and every pain. The enemy will lie to you, but when you tune your frequency to My Heart, you will overcome the schemes of the enemy. Look up, for your answer is on the way.

Your Latter days are indeed coming with Brilliance from the Kingdom. I will not leave you in the gutter of hope deferred. What looked like a dead end is moving into the most spectacular turnaround that you could ever imagine. What you are about to give up on, I Am reviving for My Glory and Honor. My Breath is the Breath of Life.

Renounce your adult mindset and walk in the Imagination that I created you to flourish in. Your faith and belief in Me lies in your ability to step out of the logical mind and be as children, where all things are known to be possible. Trust Me to take care of your life in the Best Plan and not the mediocre. I created you out of My Love and Favor! I am busy working out your miracle even right now!


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