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Daily Prophetic Word October 13, 2017

The Father says, I Am walking with you on that sandy beach. The waves gently crash on the shore as the water rushes up to meet your feet. The birds fly carefree overhead. My Child, this is where I desire you to see yourself this hour. Take My Hand and let me keep you in the safety of My Peace and Love.

Cast away your troubles this hour as I have the answers for all that plagues you. I know the Beginning from the End of your life. All your days are carefully counted and written down in My Book. Let Me show you the life that I died to give you. Let Me show you My yoke is easy and My burden is light. I have My arms around you this day.

I will not let you go! I will never leave you nor forsake you. Hold to the Promises I have spoken over your life. It will all come to pass in due season, just keep your eyes focused on Me. I will guide you on when to move and when to stay. Release yourself from endeavors that bear no fruit. I have better things for you that will yield a bountiful harvest for your labor.

I breathe the refreshing Winds of My Spirit over you, that you might feel Joy and Happiness in your soul and spirit. Lay down all that you are carrying at My feet. I will take it from here! You are moving into the glory of this new year before you. Do not get confused by the chaos for I will clear the path and take you to a higher place in Me.

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