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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word October 8, 2017

The Father says, Why do you toil and work where I did not send you? You ask Me why your path is not going anywhere fruitful, but I am not the One who sent you there. Be Still My Child and Listen, for I am bringing clarity in this hour. My burden is easy and light.

I will make known My plan for your life within your stillness. You cannot hear Me clearly when you are not calm and allowing My peace to fill your soul and spirit. I give you great treasure hidden in the stillness of Your Heart. Let Me pour out to you all that you need to know in this season.

Let Me speak to the part within you that is not trying to figure everything out with the logic of men. You are an overcomer. Hearken up your Praise and Thanksgiving to Me this Day for I have promised to meet you there. Bring your offerings to the storehouse, so that more blessings can be released into your life.

Don't hold back, as holding back keeps My Hand from fully coming to your aid. I have come that you will live life more abundantly. Release yourself from all that keeps you from that great joy. This world will bring troubles but that does not mean you have to be troubled about it all. Give Me those worries and concerns. I will give you Rest! Learn the power in Rest and the enemy will fall to your side!


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