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Daily Prophetic Word October 7, 2017

The Father says, Stand firm on My promises. Stand firm in what I have spoken over your life. Many will come your way to take what is yours. Stand firm! Do not believe all the negative reports you have heard. My Voice keeps all of creation in existence each and every day. My Voice speaks into every need you have this day.

Nothing has changed since the Beginning. I still look over My Word to see that it does not return void. What I send out will do what it is sent out to do. I cannot fail. My Word cannot fail. My Love cannot fail. My Promises cannot fail. Grab a hold firmly and do not let go. I have great plans for you.

Open your eyes to see Me working out everything for you. Open your ears to hear even the quietest sounds of My voice. Ignore the other voices and come follow Me while we sit next to the Streams of Living Waters. I Am restoring and replenishing your soul in this hour. What has depleted your resources in body and in your world is receiving divine intervention in this moment.

Look in the mirror for I Am going to show you just who I have made you to be and to become. I have made no mistake in the details of My Creation. What you wish was not part of who you are just requires My Touch to reveal the hidden beauty. Now is your time to come forth and shine. You are so special and I love you completely!

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