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Daily Prophetic Word October 5, 2017

The Father says, Behold today that I AM knocking on the door of your heart and mind. I have much revelation to speak over your life. New things to share with you from My Heart. I am never done showing all of My Creation who I AM. The angels Cry Holy, Holy, Holy. Let your Heart hear from My Throne into every need you have. I am not off creating new life elsewhere for I Am ever present in your life.

If you call Me, I will answer. Put aside the other voices all around and look for Me. I want to be found! Let Me speak My Fire over your situations, that attempt to swallow you whole. Let Me silence those who would mock you and place shame upon you. You are My Bride; Perfect and clothed in My

Righteousness. No Shame or Condemnation shall I let fall upon you. I will answer your enemies.

Come Away to the Secret Place and stay in My Presence. Come Away! What you will not invest in will not yield the harvest you desire. Intimacy does not just happen. It must be cultivated daily. The enemy desires to divide and conquer. Will you believe the lies from far and wide? Who do you say that I Am? What you believe at the depths of your heart will shape everything in your day.

You must hold to the truth, but to know the truth you must be like the Bereans who studied and understood that My Spirit is a vital part of revelation. Man believes they have knowledge and revelation to all mysteries. Many force the dots to come together when in fact, they do not. Listen closely. I Am going to shake the religious minds within you and all around in My people. What is not of My Truth and Light must fall away!

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