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Daily Prophetic Word October 3, 2017

The Father says, “I Am not a Father of Gloom and Doom. I have not walked away from mankind to let you fend for yourself. Hold fast My Child for you haven't seen anything yet. I am going to do new and amazing things in your life. Forget the former and look to the future, as what was, will never be again.

You are ending that book and walking into a whole new book filled with Great Joy and Blessings. What was, will not be in this new book for your future. So shake off the condemnation and shame of your past. Shake it off completely. Bring a new and fresh mind to this brand new chapter. I have new things to put into your hands, and new places you will go to. I will lead you and show you great and mighty things. Take My hand!

You can’t receive what you are in doubt of. Your doubt limits My Hand for it is your Faith that is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. A double mind has nothing in common with the Kingdom, for All Things Are Possible for Those that Believe. When you say it cannot, you are saying that I cannot.

Understand the Mystery of what Faith can actually do and bring into your life. Without it, you are limited and crippled in every aspect. Decide today to be all in and just watch what is released on your behalf. I look to bless you with unprecedented favor. Look for My Hand and you will surely find it in expected and unexpected places alike!"


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