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What is Happening in the Spirit Realm

What is Happening in the Spirit Realm

When Hugh Hefner died, I felt a strong release in the Spirit Realm. The demonic forces that moved through him had no host and were in search of another even more powerful and influential. A Great Shift happened in the Atmosphere concerning sexual immorality and a demonic oppression had lifted a substantial amount.

God has been speaking for the last two years about revival and strongholds being broken off areas such as Las Vegas. Even the non-saved are rethinking morality and values, hoping for a return to better days. When you see evil and tragedy, take a moment to think about what God is up to in that region and what the enemy desires to stop at all cost. We have to cease the mindset that God is still angry and the Cross was not enough. God is for us and not against us!

Understand that when the enemy hears the Prophetic Words, he looks to kill it personally, regionally, and globally. This was as true in the days of Abel as it is today. The Church as a whole is awakening back to the Prophetic Voice and to be expected, a Giant push back from the enemy.

God will hold the victory and His people need to hold onto the HOPE, FAITH, and TRUST in what God is doing right now for these generations living today. We will See the Turnaround we have been waiting for, but we all have a part in this coming to fruition. See beyond the noise into what is truly going on. God is on the MOVE not closing up shop! Do not let the enemy gain ground in your life through your actions or in your heart and mind. Resist and he will flee from you.

Revival always begins with our own hearts and Revival should be a way of life as God molds us and shapes us into being more Like Christ with each passing day. Survey your life and remove what should not be. If something has a negative influence over you, even in the smallest of ways, take it to God for removal. Being of the world will never do our soul or spirit any good. In my own life, I do not listen to secular music. Not because I think it is all bad, but because I feel the spirit of rebellion come upon me more often than not. I decided over 20 years ago to stop it all together. We all have something in our life with that same negative impact and it is important to acknowledge it, as well as, take action to deal with the effects.

We are walking into Greater Glory and the Kingdom truly Ruling and Reigning over the Earth. You are the Vessel God Desires to use! Push back the voices of the enemy and Stand ready to be available for God's Glory and Honor. You can and will make a difference!

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