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Daily Prophetic Word September 23, 2017

The Father says, “My Throne Room is open. The Veil was Torn over 2000 years ago. Many hold onto religious beliefs thinking there must be a complicated process to speak with Me. Find that today, I will override your mindset. I have much to discuss and nothing will stay in the way of our communion.

I am lifting you up out of the situations you find yourself repeating over and over. There are patterns you have allowed to take over your life. I want you to see a new perspective as I show you a better way. The path is becoming straight with deep revelation.

Just as you cannot teach a baby all that they will ever have to know, you are, as well, still learning more and more with each passing year with Me. I have much more to speak to My people. Do not close your ears. I am fully invested into every moment of your life. You don’t want to miss a thing.

As the year begins to close, I will be working miracles within your family and other close relationships. People who have been estranged will find Home again. Those that felt lost and alone, will find comfort. I designed you for relationships. New faces will emerge walking into the New Year who will be a blessing in areas that you didn’t even know were dried up. Watch as I check off every item on your hidden desires list. By My Will and Good Pleasure will you see CHANGE in what was barren year after year!”

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