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God's Heart for this Season's Beginning

God's Heart for this Season's Beginning

God has spoken through many, as well as, through this ministry that He is dealing with Idolatry head on within His people. Just as the Israelites kept going back to worshipping the Egyptian gods, while in the wilderness, many of God's people are worshipping idols in various forms. Some have watered their faith down so much that nearly anything sounds good to them now. Many more look to what their own hands can do as their source in all matters instead of Yeshua.

Be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life over the next 6 months. You do not want to miss your moment of visitation with God as He cleans your inner man of all that is holding you back from His promises. Do not let Pride be your stumbling block. The enemy wants you bound and many don't even realize that they are in a prison cell.

The enemy is pushing from all directions right now. Stand Firm and watch God fight your battles! You do not need to answer the critics. Stand Firm! God's People are MERE MOMENTS from generational bondage BREAKING OFF FOR GOOD!

I command in the Name of Jesus that the Eyes of God's people be OPEN. I command their EARS to HEAR THE FREQUENCY FROM HEAVEN. I command the WAKING UP from far and wide! WE are AN IMPORTANT ARMY OF GOD. It is time to WALK IN STEP with one another! A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND!

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