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What was on God's Heart...

What was on God's Heart...

God was talking to me about a month ago, so I thought I would share. He said there are many who have mysterious illnesses and their Dr can't find the cause. Many have even been written off for their complaints. He then told me to ask them about their tattoos. He said many have an illness that is stemming from the ink. And many more will as they age, but the Dr will say the symptoms are part of ageing or the illness that the ink has caused. The root cause will be overlooked and continue to create issues.

I realize it is cool and trendy to get tattoos. Religious beliefs aside, Consider carefully the truth about what is in those inks. No sane person would advise a person to let heavy metals be placed into their body.

Be smart and wise with your temple. Some things can't be undone easily or at all.

If you have tattoos, seek God about anything you may do to ensure good health or restored health. He knows the direction for your needs.

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