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Daily Prophetic Word September 19, 2017

The Father says, “Does the Grass look greener over there? Maybe that is where I desire you to pick up and move to? Many are so cozy where they are that My voice is being ignored. Would you stay in the wilderness if the Promised land looked the same or worse? Look for New Doors of Opportunity.

Expect the Goodness of Who I Am, as Your Heavenly Father, to invade your life this day! Stop looking for the other shoe to fall, and get busy in the fresh fields ready for your touch over the land. You were made for what is coming towards you! Calamity is not from My Hand against you. If I Am your Rearguard, then why would I be punishing you at the same time?

The giants near and far have a day of expiration! When you realize that I use the enemy to further My purposes in your life, then you truly know what it is to walk right through a storm unaffected. Everything is used to make you on the Potter’s Wheel. Be patient with yourself and your days just alike.

The Sun is coming out from behind the Rain Clouds. I Am proud of who you are Becoming! Live in the Glory of Highly Blessed and Favored. My Beloved release the mindset of less and lack. You will hold what you have faith to believe for in fullness. What the enemy wars against will only cause multiplication in your days. Soar for NOW is your moment!”

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