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Daily Prophetic Word September 18, 2017

The Father says, “You are going to make it! I Am the Author and Finisher of your Faith. Cling to Me, and I will surely take you through. What you have waited on and come into agreement for is before you, closer than you think. Breakthroughs far and wide will soon fall all around your circumstances.

I have not forgotten any matter concerning your life. My answer is still yes and amen. The view from above is beautiful. Catch the fresh breeze over the land. The Earth is rumbling, and the Spirit is birthing much in this hour. Upgrade is coming to even those that did not expect My Hand to lift them as well.

I am not a boring or mediocre God. My Joy is reaching your hands. The Butterfly is emerging from the long slumber. Transition is upon My People. You will not miss your Hour of Visitation. You are so very special to Me. Nothing will stop what is upon you from My Hand and Voice.

There will be those who refuse to celebrate with you. Wash your hands and wish them well. I am giving you a new Tribe that will support in good and no so good moments. Friends that judge with stones are hardly friends. For is not there a log to be found in the eye of one and all? I am not asking for perfection. I desire a yielded life that will allow Me to prune, mold, and pour out the overflow to those all around. You are that life!”


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