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Daily Prophetic Word September 13, 2017

The Father says, “Are you still trying to walk on water? What if I said you were capable of walking on Air instead. Is there anything impossible in reality, if you are Mine? You limit what you think a natural world will allow. Since I created it all, I can surely go against the laws that you feel subject to.

In the next three years, I will be dealing with those that rose up to mock you. The Scales are Balancing in this hour. Justice is in My Hands. I want you to look onward not to what I Am doing in these matters. Forgive and keep your head held high. This is what will honor Me most.

You are so very precious to Me. I Am wrapping you up in My Love. Slow down to feel and partake of My Glory in your life. I want you to remember that the Church is to Rule and Reign. People have this all wrong. You are coming into a time, in the next few years, where clarity will hit the True Bride.

You will know how to Command My Power and Authority. The land will be subdued under your Voice. Heaven will invade Earth like never seen before. The two will merge around My People. Those that doubt and attack will not be included in this Majesty. After all, how can one choose to tear down as a way of life and then want to stand in the front line of what I Am doing for mankind. I will give credit to those of Righteousness, not those that cast stones for a living with pleasure.”

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