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Daily Prophetic Word September 11, 2017

The Father says, “Be mindful of your role in situations. Many feel they are merely following orders, but who is really behind those orders? You are not merely a robot doing the bidding of others with no thoughts of good nor evil. Who have you come into agreement with, even when you deny this truth?

Many walk in fear to stand up or against the powers that be. If you will not fight for the land that I have given you, then surely you are in agreement for the enemy to take it by any means necessary. Will you roll over and submit to any voice? My Sheep know My Voice but are you acting more like a goat today?

Come together and be of one mind and one action. If you have lost your way, I Am your Way, Truth, and Light. I will set you back on course with new vision for My Kingdom in this generation. Fear is not of My Spirit. No matter who screams the world is ending, I Am in Charge of it all! Your latter days are going to be the most Glorious not a trash can of mere survival.

You may just find that when you sit by My Brook yourself that you discover that many teachings on end times are WRONG! You are learning to walk in full Sonship not living on life support. Because of the Majesty being poured out over My Creation, the two Kingdoms are clashing with violence. Do not be troubled as My people hold the victory! STAND UNITED not divided!”


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