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Daily Prophetic Word September 10, 2017

The Father says, “Let the waters from the deep rise up and flood your life. Many have forgotten how to swim, but I am removing the ways that you were taught by man, and reintroducing My teachings on Righteousness. Do not forsake what I have spoken in lieu of the popular words of modern man. Just as the serpent twisted My words to Eve, so too are the ways of today.

You must dig deep into My Word. You must not simply move your eyes as if you are taking in the Truth, but instead you are merely sleepwalking around your brothers and sisters. For the church can fool many through such behavior but not Me. Did I say that Adam woke up from his afternoon slumber? He merely slept walked while the enemy came to deceive Eve.

Do not stay asleep any longer. I have made you into the Night Watchman for a reason. You carry the plans to destroy the schemes of the enemy. He has no new tricks, just new packaging. He is a finite being, and you possess My Glory and Light. Shine Bright in your Region and let what I placed inside of you, come out.

Fear will block your progression. It will choke you when you come into agreement with it. In the workings of your hands will I set man free. Though the Voice of My Chosen will the Land be won back to Victory. Lions that chase and eat each other will be useless over the land. You are to subdue the Earth not devour My people. Get your Head back in the Game. I Am not finished with you yet, and you are walking into the Best years of your life if you will only throw down the lies of the enemy and take up the Mantle of Faith.”

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