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Daily Prophetic Word September 8, 2017

The Father says, “My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. Listen closely. What seems up will be down and what seems right will be left. You cannot judge a situation by your natural eyes. The logic and opinions of men, I do not become Subject to! If I want to bless and give favor, I will not consult anyone. I do not consider what occupation or Kingdom service they are in, as to find them worthy or unworthy.

Stop thinking in the terms of your natural world and flow. If I want to give abundance in your finances, should I then deny another who walks uprightly? I do not have a poverty mindset, but a religious mind will indeed. It is not illegal or unlawful to be wealthy. I gave Solomon more than any other king because I desired that favor upon him. Is he more worthy than anyone else? Does his occupation of king make it more just than any other servant of mine? Do not speak against another lest I withhold from you. Your heart matters to Me.

Many scream it is of the enemy that this person walks in such goodness. Many more will scream that they are stealing from Me. Is it likely that people can actually steal from Me when they are in My Will? Refusing to bring your tithes and offerings before Me is how one steals. You do not have to be rich to commit this sin. The enemy of your soul is not your friend wishing good upon you. He seeks to destroy you not give you an overflow. He desires your depletion and bankruptcy in spirit, soul, and body. Can you be trusted with the resources I might give you? If not, then let Me assure you that I will make you ready to handle the responsibility before I open the floodgates. It is up to you to keep a wise mind about what I have given you.

When you expect little, you are in essence only allowing a small handout from My Throne. Did you catch that? I want to give you everything of Mine because that is My Heart towards you. I will not give a toddler what they cannot manage. Stand up as mature Sons and Daughters who believe that I Am a Good Father that will exceed your expectations and dreams. Think fully about ideas that I have given you over the years. Did you drop it because of unbelief that I was behind such Joy? What I place in your hands is to open doors that have remained closed. It is by My Hand alone. I own it ALL! I will even make your enemies bless you because My Voice changes the atmosphere. Stop choosing lack and you will watch My best make its way to you!”

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