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Daily Prophetic Word August 29, 2017

The Father says, “There are sleepy Christians all around you. All have a choice to just live each day as the previous or take charge! Those around you may never understand a life sold out to Me. They will just want to do the bare minimum to save their soul. What do you desire?

Many are sideline critics against those who have answered My Call, but understand they will be judged by the same standard they place against another. I say, many are called but few are chosen. If one will not take the matters of the Kingdom seriously, then why would they take their call and destiny any more seriously? Will I bring a mocker into My Fold?

Consider carefully what is said out of the mouth consistently. Talking out of both sides indicates a double minded person looking to present a false image to impress. My True bride will see right through this facade. If one wants to play church, do they also want to play ‘Bride’? Do not waste your life in foolish endeavors. Survey your own life, and let Me deal with cleaning up your heart and mind.

A yielded heart is what I Am after. Mistakes, I can handle. Sin, I can handle. Rebellion will be dealt with however. Open yourself up to the New Possibilities. Stare forward to your Bright, Bright Future. Your favor and blessings are happening all around you. You are Forgiven with a fresh slate. Do not take for granted the New that I do each day on your behalf! It is time to move on from this place.”

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