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Daily Prophetic Word August 27, 2017

The Father says, “Your size does not indicate an ability or lack of significance! You are just as valuable as every angel in Heaven. Sure there are different assignments with different approaches, but very much an important part of My Plans. You are to take command over the air, the sea, and the land. You are just not merely to be affected by that which is around you. Use your authority.

Understand that you lose authority when you live in unrepentance through living unrighteously. Be mindful of the big AND small ways that you let the enemy through your gateways. You can’t live of the world and not expect it to have an impact on who you are. Filthy water will keep you dirty no matter how many times you wash in it. What you take in alters your soul condition for good or evil.

Just as you cannot be My voice if you have a reputation as being a liar, do not discount what actions you take in the day that hinder your call and destiny. You may lose to your flesh daily, but I Am your Father ever able to help you through the Potter’s wheel. You are on a journey and not a one day project. Be at ease with your shortcomings and instead bring them to My Feet. I will make a way out of anything you lack.

Life is springing up all around you right now. What was dead and barren is shifting into a harvest ripe with interest. You are being paid forward for years of lost territories. What would not work for you in the past will flourish now. When you were once counted out, now you will be counted in. The stones blocking the way have been rolled far away. My Flow is upon you mightily in this hour!”

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