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Daily Prophetic Word August 23, 2017

The Father says, “My Glory is invading every corner of your life in this hour. There are places that have gathered dust and cobwebs from long overdue neglect. Watch as I sweep out the garbage and set upon your life refreshing dew glistening in the sunlight. I will make all things new! I say Count your Blessings, and know that you will never be finished counting.

I Am burying what did not get completed and cleaning the slate. You are beginning right off with nothing left over still uncompleted. Let Me worry about what was left undone. I have someone else in mind to finish that off. Clear your mind for the enemy will speak lies to you in this hour. You are not defeated nor have you disqualified yourself.

You are breaking free from every form of bondage that has held you in place. One by one am I severing what the enemy has done, what others have done, and what you have done to lock the prison door of your mind and heart. Never will I leave you where you were found. Feel My Hand taking yours as we leave this desolate place. You outgrew where you are, so onward to adventures to thrill your heart and spirit.

Take a moment to look around one more time. Just as a Hot Air Balloon goes higher and higher, you are no longer tethered to one place or situation. As we release more and more weight, the higher you will go in My Name. Let the Wind of My Spirit invigorate you onto a different way of navigating from this day forward. Be filled up in My Glory f

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