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Daily Prophetic Word August 22, 2017

The Father says, “You have boarded the plane, and everything is almost ready for the departure. Not sure where you are going quite yet? No worries, as this plan will be unfolding as you go. I have placed your instructions in your bags. No need to look over the details right now. Rest in this moment, as soon you will be busy taking care of what I have given you.

I will not send you without full disclosure of the details. Be at peace, as you are right where you are supposed to be. Close the door on ‘would have, should have’ mentality. I have taken care of what was less than My purposes around you. Walk with your head held high. I am not upset with you about anything; any outcome, or any misstep. I was not taken off guard by what transpired, nor Am I focused on it either.

You are going to make it! I will not let you wither and die where you are! Look around. Is anything too hard for Me to handle? Take the pressure off of your own shoulders. I have placed no such burden upon you. The compass is set and you will not miss the turns. You are in a time of exploration and discovery within your own heart and spirit. I will take you as high as you desire. So explore what kind of life you are dreaming of.

If I wanted a slave, I would have made you into one. If I wanted a robot, I surely could find those as well. I wanted a Child of Mine to commune with, Friend to Friend. I do care what is on your heart and mind. Come share with Me, for I will not send you away. You are Limitless and Unstoppable far more than you understand in this moment. Let Me show you!”

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