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Daily Prophetic Word August 17, 2017

The Father says, “My Mercies are New every morning. You have not failed. Get up for I Am still moving you from Glory to Glory. I Am not alarmed by your missteps nor what you could not complete perfectly. My Love fills the gap. You are Complete through Me and not what this world can offer you. The hustle and bustle will keep you trapped in things that are working against where you want to go in Me.

Find that I cut the cord of responsibility to things that you tethered yourself to thinking these were good in life. Even when you felt the burden coming from the expectations of others, I will be the One who says what stays or goes. It is time to feel light as a feather and walk on Air and not water. Let go of what is keeping you bound. You are made for more than the grind of life that gripped you.

Dance for the Celebration is going on all around you in My Kingdom. Not seeing or feeling it yet? Take some quiet time to commune with Me. I will show you all that is happening just for your behalf. I have not left anything off of the table nor forgotten anything that you were in need of or also desired. I Am very much interested in the Desire’s of Your Heart as an important part in your life.

The Well is overflowing so come in, the water is beautiful. I will wash My healing waters over your life. The grime of the world is being taken away and you will find that your garments are white once more. Healing is a lifetime of choice, but one that will allow your anointings to flow freely, as you go about your day. Be mindful of the soul maintenance and you will see life become prosperous the way I intended.”

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