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Daily Prophetic Word August 15, 2017

The Father says, “Not at the Beginning, not at the End; but in the Middle. Many want to start over; many want to have it all over with, but the place that I desire is in the Middle. You do not need to start over for I Am making a way even right now where you are. If you were at the end, there would be no need for the supernatural and miraculous to flood your world. I saved mankind in the Middle and even in the Middle of two sinners.

I did not wait until the end of your life, and salvation was not expected when you are first born. I will turn the logic of men upside down. I have made the complicated simple, but My people insist on making up new interpretations to what I have already spoken. I Am by the Brook of your life waiting for you to come sit by the still small waters. I Am all about your Now for today shapes tomorrow. I will pour into you knowledge and revelation that could not come from any other source.

Choose to turn off the voices of gloom and doom. I have taken care of mankind since the beginning and since we are in the Middle, I will continue to take care of mankind. I am not blind or ignorant of what you face. Again, I invite you to come sit by the Brook. You do not always need to be plugged into the world. Let Me show you the vastness of what I Am up to. If you will not ask, how will you receive?

I have removed the giants in the land. Focus on the Power and Authority that you take with you all throughout the day. What you align with can increase or weaken your impact. You can only truly live in one house so decide whose Child you are in fullness. Close the gateways of your soul from those that look to kill, steal, and destroy. You were made out of My Glory and this is your portion always!”

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