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Today on the Lord’s Heart

Today on the Lord’s Heart

The Lord was speaking to me about witty inventions and unusual ideas. He has given many of His people strategies and open doors beyond what they have asked for. BUT they do not see these ideas as coming from God. He said their religious mindsets have classified these adventures as worldly or of bad desires. He invites you to look again at what was placed in your spirit. God inspires every person on the planet to go past what they believe are their limits into areas that are truly life changing. It is up to you to align and become what God has given you. Maybe the solution you have asked for was already given to you. Don't overlook the blessings that are in your hands to create and cause into manifestation.

The second part is an area of deep sorrow from the Lord. He showed me many who were stuck in dark places in their mind because they believe someone abandoned and betrayed them. They have been literally tortured in their soul nearly daily from these past exchanges. The Lord wants you to know that He is the one who removed that person from your life. It was nothing that you did wrong and it was for your protection. Maybe you can’t see the harm, but He does. There were snares and traps that would have come to completely derail your future. Today, Change your Perspective on how you see yourself in those relationships, and God’s hands to ensure that you would not be damaged down the road. Choose to fight against what the enemy wishes for you, and walk into the new freedom and healing that is yours today.

~Many Blessings, MaryEllen Martyn

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